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Monday, June 4, 2007

IT Portfolio Management

Delivering projects that enable business growth and aligning IT strategies to business goals are key priorities for CIOs today. IT organizations must deliver on these priorities while addressing requirements from governing boards related to corporate accountability and regulatory compliance mandates like Sarbanes-Oxley. In this environment, investments in IT are scrutinized more than ever—and rightly so, as IT investments can represent up to 50 percent of an organization’s capital investment.
Without the right processes and systems in place, it’s tough to assess the value, cost, risk and performance of IT services. Organizations that are looking to govern IT and maximize the business value delivered need to take a comprehensive view that considers the entire scope of IT processes, as well as all IT investments and resources.

Compuware Changepoint provides an integrated view of IT—a view that allows you to effectively manage your projects, applications, people and client relationships. Compuware Changepoint enables CIOs to align and manage IT portfolios, improve organizational effectiveness and enhance the quality of IT service delivery. With greater control over IT processes, visibility into key portfolios and a focus on quality throughout service delivery, you can deliver direct results to the bottom line—and greater value to the business.

Achieve effective IT governance
Although the drivers for IT governance initiatives vary, most organizations are looking to develop decision-making frameworks and processes to define how investment decisions will be made; identify where accountability lies for those decisions; and improve the management of the resulting projects, applications and IT services. Effective governance requires real-time access to accurate business-critical data. Compuware Changepoint automates and integrates key business processes to give IT departments unprecedented views into, and control of, governance processes. Ultimately, Changepoint gives CIOs and IT management greater control to drive accountability at all levels of the IT organization.
Align IT portfolios with business objectives
IT portfolio management is a disciplined approach to managing IT investments as you would a financial portfolio—balancing potential return with investment objectives and risk. IT portfolio management enables organizations to establish and adopt a recognized process for measuring and monitoring the value of IT investments, and to formalize the decision-making processes and frameworks as determined by the governance framework.
A critical aspect of IT portfolio management and effective governance is the ability to track where resources are deployed across the organization, and determine the true cost of IT initiatives and associated risks. This comprehensive view is only achieved by managing IT like a business, leveraging systems to automate core processes and provide real-time visibility into key performance metrics. With Compuware Changepoint, IT organizations can bring repeatability to their processes and a transparent view into the business of IT. It enables best practices, observation and measurement of performance, and more efficient management of service delivery.
Taking an integrated IT portfolio management approach can help your organization improve its business performance, unlock opportunities for growth and create new value with strategic advantage and innovation. An integrated IT portfolio management approach incorporates the disciplines of Portfolio and Investment Planning, Project Portfolio Management (PPM) and Application Portfolio Management (APM).

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